Thursday, 27 July 2017

Pros and Cons That Microsoft SharePoint Communication Sites Offer to Organizations

Microsoft’s quarterly earnings report is now public. The largest technology maker in the world released it last week. Growth of Azure is dominating this report throughout. The company is dedicated to expand its office 365 business and has also surpassed sales of licenses of its traditional suite. This has become possible mainly because of Office 365 revenues. Another noticeable highlight of this report is that the usage of Microsoft SharePoint Online has doubled during the same period.

This is just a one thing about it. Another important thing to notice about SharePoint Communication Sites impacts the Governance also in the following ways:

  • Companies will be able to create great looking sites that will be able to communicate information in no time through.
  •  Images
  • Static as well as dynamic content
  •  Fully fledged platforms dedicated to corporate platforms
  • Companies will be able to provide value

However, this is where all of the companies using SharePoint will have to be careful because it can affect the governance to a great deal because…

  • Anyone will be able to develop communication websites
  • Lack of quality and reliable review process for new content will affect their business
  • Lack of ability to target content to users will reduce visitors and potential customers

    To know more in this regard, visit here.

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